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Mail And Show!
New !
Mail And Show! is the module that allows you to show in real time messages sent by e-mail via your computer or mobile phone on your web site . You are in conference, concert, festival and you want to share in real time your activity and photos ; you can make it with Mail And Show!


JStarPass! component is a payment management via the platform StarPass. You can protect access to certain pages of your website by making them pay. Also, you can manage accumulated credit by a user when paying via StarPass, allow users to retrieve their accumulated credit via PayPal, check, bank transfer, gift etc.

Calendrier Eventix
Eventix is a management component of events and calendars that allows users to add events listed in different views. Different themes are available. You can also view the events on a Google Map.

Chat Chatix
Chatix is the new instant messaging for Joomla! Very simple, it allows you to chat with your friends like the Facebook Chat !
Compatible with : - Joomla Users - Community Builder - Jomsocial
Talk with friends only or discuss with all connected people.

Directorix Directory Manager
Directorix is a new directory component for Joomla!. It allows users to add entries in the directory, with company name, address, phone etc.. Geolocation included !

Component to Module
Modulix allows you to integrate any of your components in a module. Operation is very simple! After you set the url indicating the component to display, you can place it anywhere in your website. You can also display multiple components in one page !

Localadix Local Ads
Localadix is a local ads component management for Joomla. You or members of your website can now sell their items. Create categories of objects (cars, motorcycles, computers ...), types of people (professionals, individuals ...), type of ads (purchases, sales, research ...). Geolocation included !
All our extensions are tested and compatible Joomla! 1.5, Joomla! 1.6, Joomla! 1.7 and Joomla! 2.5.
All our extensions are in English and French languages.

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All our extensions are in English and French language.

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